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WTS: GWS gear switch selector with Sport mode

Discussion in 'Interior and Cockpit' started by salzki, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. salzki

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    May 29, 2017
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    Hi guys, selling the GWS gear switch selector that was taken out of E63 LCI with the Sport Automatic Transmission.

    Bought the whole complete set but unfortunately I only needed the gear selector so I am selling the gear switch selector together with the sport button.

    GWS Part no.: 9165671
    Sport Btn Parn no.: 9142869

    List of compatible vehicles:
    • 5' E60 LCI   (10/2005 — 12/2009)
    • 5' E61 LCI   (11/2005 — 05/2010)
    • 6' E63 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010)
    • 6' E64 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010)

    For those with an LCI transmission, you can retrofit this to enjoy the full potential of your car (coding needed).

    Price is 1k negotiable.

    Thanks & do PM me if you have further questions.

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