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Official Announcement Concerning The Club's Drive

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Herbert, Aug 24, 2011.

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    BMW Club Malaysia (“The Club”)
    Official Announcement Concerning the Club's Drive (“The Drive”)Dear Official Members & Club Guests It has come to the Managing Committee’s (“the Committee”) attention that a proposed Drive posted in the Club’s forum also involves a BANNED member of the Club. We, the Committee, wish to state that all members banned from the Club are not allowed to participate in Club activities, in whatever shape or form.In view of this, please let it be known to all that the Committee, and the Club as a whole, shall not be endorsing and / or supporting the above said Drive and/or any future Drive due to the BANNED member’s presence or any banned members from the Club.This effectively means that all participants of the Drive are strictly prohibited from using and / or affiliating the Club with the Drive in whatever shape or form including but not limited to, caps, t-shirts, stickers or anything that could reflect the Club’s identity with the Drive.We, the Committee, are serious in upholding the Club’s name and stature in the motoring community and shall not tolerate anyone who may bring this Club into disrepute. Having said that, please note that nobody is allowed to post anything whatsoever in the forum willfully knowing that there is a possibility of any banned member(s) interference and we, the Committee, shall remove any such post accordingly as we deem fit and the thread starter shall be held liable.Thank youManaging CommitteeBMW Club Malaysia24 August 2011
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