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Swap DME after engine swap. Should i?

Discussion in 'E60, E61' started by Thinakar, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Thinakar

    Thinakar New Member

    Jul 29, 2019
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    Hello Everyone, It's Just Something Going Thru In My Mind. I Have Swapped An M54B30 Into My E60 Earlier Was B22, Which Having Alot Of Troubles. But The B30 Was From E46, Eventually It Was Mostly Just A PnP, Regardless Of Mountings, Power Steering Pump And The AC Compressor. I Did Replaced The Bearings, Piston Rings And Most Of The Seals Of The B30 When I Bought The Engine Completely From The Half Cut. After The PnP She Starts Right Away With Any Hazzle( In The B22 DME ) , Engine was So Smooth And Silent. The Torque And Power Is Astonishing. But Is It A Must That I Have To Change To B30 DME And Does E46 3.0 DME And E60 DME Is Same? Does Changing To E60 M54B30 DME Increases The Engines Potential ? Help Please

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