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Sharing My Experience - E36 328i 1997 M52 Auto

Discussion in 'E36' started by Galaxy7, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Apr 29, 2007
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    Read with interest this thread..just want to share my maintenance experience..what I did over the 5 years I had with the car:
    Changed fuel filter, replaced all fluids, changed gearbox oil together with the filter and gasket kit, spark plugs.
    Then I had sudden overheat which shoot the temp needle in the red, found out it was the radiator coolant cap which already old age and allowing coolant to escape. then still loss of coolant, end up change the whole end tank. Ran fine until one long distance trip the car engine cut out when I was travelling 100+kph...so scary, but after can start and drive, then cut out again. Diagnosed camshaft sensor and then crankshaft sensor.

    ABS brake unit leaking, no stock and new was nearly RM7k!!! Kind mechanic opened up the brake pump/ABS unit and changed the seals one by one and test until no more leaking and only charged me something like $500 for it (mainly for the brake fluid and labour only the seals were cheap)

    Steering rack started leaking so bought a steering repair kit, used for half a yr started leaking slowly, by this time noticed that cornering of the car not very smooth and shuddery, changed the bushes. Then the roof mechanism and power windows started to have problems.
    This was when I decided enough was enough and sold the car. I only use the car once a wk or sometimes once every 2 wks started to become very expensive to own. Bang head moment was when I sold my other car and had to use this car everyday no problem crop up. Moral of story have to use this car everyday but then sayang to see it under rain and sun esp when the roof not in best condition. Sold it to a BMW collector who was looking to add to his collection of E30 318 2 door, 2 E34's and a BMW touring.

    Hope this experience helps, I've not detailed some of the other maintenance/repair issues, if you're interested let me know I don't mind sharing.

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