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Chu Seng Auto Repair/Ignition Auto@Jalan P.Ramlee Penang

Discussion in 'BMW Talk' started by Kelvinopt, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Kelvinopt

    Kelvinopt Member

    Mar 28, 2017
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    Hi All Bmw Kaki,
    Sharing Horror Nightmare Experience At CHU SENG/IGNITION AUTO@Jalan P.Ramlee Penang.
    Being serviced at this workshop years ago.Nightmare start last year when my bmw auto gearbox warning light pop out.
    The REAL story began.This workshop quote me Rm5000k for gearbox so-called Repaired/Overhaul Gearbox.
    I trusted this workshop since all the time seem ok.At first,I thought I knew this workshop welknown on More Expensive On Labour Charges & China Spareparts Given.(always kept spoiled after changed T_T).Besides,I did survey to change a used gearbox(Japan JDM) around rm2500.But he told me overhaul whole gearbox will long lasting.i believed since he tried to persuade me he said able to settle goodjob.
    Weeks later,when I brought back my car just only in few days,the gearbox warning sign pop out again(limp mode).Jammed on 3rd gear.
    Back to the workshop asked why,He came stood straight in front of me and told me He didn't repaired anything on the gearbox but he did
    changed the gearbox oil seal.WTF rm5000 changed oil sealed.At this time I knew & feel being conned already.Gearbox was Jammed,why he changed the oil sealed,for what purpose.WTF!!!!! Then he offered
    me another rm2800 to change the clutch plates(no more labour charge),what to do since my gearbox already
    jammed.After few days,call me again,said after replaced clutches plates still cannot settle.Ask me to paid
    rm4200 to replace the whole gearbox.Nevermind,I knew this workshop kept tricked me on the gearbox so
    I let him tricked first since I already paid rm5000 upfront.He treated me like a water fish which I can feel through my heart.
    After replaced the gearbox,No more warning sign pop out,but got severe loud whining noise & terrible jerking while
    downshifting all the time(like being bang).This time I am NOT gonna to be a water fish again.Cannot settle no paid since I did paid/being conned Rm5000 for nothing.Temporary used it first.No choice since I met this conned man's workshop.(T_T)
    Besides,this lousy workshop had employed a professional gearbox specialist worker named aka FATTY CHENG(no longer in this lousy workshop)
    He was the one told me this lousy Worshop DONT KNEW HOW TO REPAIRED GEARBOX & DONT
    FATTY CHENG told me his previous boss aka SENG(lousy workshop)Conned my money.Rm5000 supposed
    to get the fully gearbox overhauled job done & had at least 3 months warranty period.Sucked Again!!!(T_T)
    After months,I went back for normal serviced(since the others extra all payments I didn't paid)
    He told me the radiator not so good already.Since gonna travel KL soon(family Holiday trip).so I let him replaced a new one.I Not realise which Replaced New Radiator also could be Tricked.
    Nightmare Again.He used the Radiator Option(for manual-short plastic,for automatic-long plastic)A small
    Plastic gadget located at the bottom part of the radiator.Mainly is either allow water coolant to flow or blocked the
    water coolant to the transmission oil cooler(Automatic Gearbox need water coolant to oil cooler).This workshop used this option to tricked me again.
    Blocked the water coolant flow into the oil cooler using the radiator option(for manual gearbox)affected gearbox overheat(almost jammed-keep engine cut off)
    On Holiday Trip back to Penang my car kept broke down at roadside.Still didn't knew the tricked done by the lousy workshop.Untill I eventually decided changed a new workshop which recommended by my friend.Just gave a try and I really hope can get solution and find out the answer why kept broke down at roadside after final serviced(change new radiator)at the lousy tricky workshop.Just imagine bringing whole families in the car & broke down at roadside JUST CAUSE BY THIS LOUSY WORKSHOP WANNA CONNED/TRICKED MY MONEY ON CREATING ALL THIS PSEUDO ISSUES-UNFORGIVABLE&UNFORGETABLE terrible worst experience ever.
    After few weeks checking & repairing.Everything went back to normal.The new workshop told me everything about the previous lousy workshop did on my car.Then only I knew how bad terrible job had done by this lousy workshop on the radiator affected the car kept broke down at roadside.Kept conned me tricked me when there was an opportunity.This Lousy Conned workshop so Called Bmw Specialists Workshop(Professional Bmw Conned Workshop)(T_T)
    At first,When the car kept broke down(engine cut off)after replaced the radiator.That time I still didn't noticed/realised all about this.I went back to the lousy workshop,he Pretend to help by Using the Engine Diagnostic.He told me everything good,nothing wrong(BULLSHIT).Why the car kept broken down(engine keep cut off)again & again.I knew there must be something's the lousy workshop had done & affected the car kept broke down after the last serviced(lousy workshop).Felt Eager Anxious to look for solutions.Eventually I had no choiced.I went to a not familiar workshop which recommended by my friend.After checking,then only I knew all the bad job had done behind me.
    This lousy workshop run by an old man named aka SENG.The old man looks/pretend Very Manners,Polites,Helpful With His Gentlement Mask.Really Unbelievable On His Professional Conned Jobs Done By This Old Man aka SENG.(T_T).Did lots of tricky bad jobs kept conned money.Treat me like water fish.Such a Friendly Looks old man outside BUT with a bad monster heart hidden inside(Don't care people's Life).This old man aka SENG Mission is CONNED MONEY.
    The Conned/Tricky Workshop Chu Seng Auto/Ignition Auto located at Jalan P.Ramlee CONNED Money using the following steps:
    1step : rm5000(only changed oil seal while the gearbox already jammed-(BASTARD)
    2step : rm2800(replaced all internal clutch plates but still jammed-(TRICKED JOB)
    3step : rm4200(changed the whole gearbox-(FAULTY GEARBOX)
    Being conned at 1 step.Since I knew being conned.The 2 & 3 step I didn't paid.
    Don't be a water fish swimming to this conned man shop(Chu Seng/Ignition Auto@Jalan P.Ramlee Road Penang)
    This lousy workshop owner aka SENG owned Multi Millions(Milliionaire).Information from a lawyer's friends who knew this lousy workshop owner background .(Conned money instead of Earn money,No wonder so Rich)
    Please keep PASSING THIS MESSAGE around your colleagues,friends or relatives who owned bimmer BEWARE of this Lousy Workshop.Dont become a PREY.
    Don't ever try to bring your bimmer over or you will become a WATER FISH like me.
    Once again Bmw owners were not a water fish.
    IMPORTANT MASSAGE To All Bimmers : If your bmw always give you trouble on auto transmission issue,
    Go others workshop check on the Radiator Option(bottom part corner side of the radiator-passengers side),unscrew the Long Black Plastic Stick and see
    whether being tricked by this funny small gadget.(4 inches long is for auto transmission & 2 inches long is for manual gearbox).
    Bmw is really Good & Tuff car.Being Used for over 15 years.But when Bmw come to certain aged,Bmw need replaced & repaired all the broken parts.All these Lousy Workshop used the Opportunity to make/conned money.Lousy workshops always let bimmer owners know there are lots of issue on Bmw & always back after repaired.Lousy workshop will definitely spoiled our Bmw.At the end force to sold it out at a very Low Market Price.
    Keep Sharing All The Lousy Workshop on Bmw Forum is the way to protect our bimmers members.
    Don't become a Water Fish.We should BOYCOTT those BLACK LISTED WORKSHOP in our
    Bimmers Forum.
    Remark : I just know the exact issue tricked by the asshole bullshit workshop Ignition Auto/Chu Seng Auto(P.Ramlee Road)As I mention above WHY MY CAR KEPT BROKEN DOWN AT ROADSIDE
    ON & OFF.The workshop owner(aka Seng)Broken the timing chain's PLASTIC GUARD.The position
    of the broken part of the plastic guard is CLOSE TO the vanos solenoid(intake).The man(aka SENG)
    Broken the plastic timing chain's guard through the Vanos Solenoid(intake).This was the only
    answer for me why after the last serviced(engine oil changed)and the car kept broken down afterward(from that day).
    All this was found by the pro mechanic kept repaired & verified all this issue.The car now running
    perfectly.Eventually I Met Good Workshop Good Skill Good Mechanic Good Parts(Germany's)Good Price Good Service Good Job............
    Remark : This is my final conclusion.Very happy to known all the answers from my pro mechanic.
    Remark : This message is for Ignition Auto/Chu Seng Auto@P.Ramlee Road :
    Remark : This Lousy Workshop Chu Seng/Ignition Auto kept installing lousy spareparts(CHINA
    Parts)Instead of Germany Oem Parts to conned money affected need to pay twice on the
    same parts.The lousy workshop charges on the china parts is same as the Germany oem
    parts price.This lousy china replacement parts broken in few months.As below:
    1)Engine mounting - last only 3 months(engine jerking/vibrating when come to a hard stop.
    2)Absorber mounting Front & Back - last only a months(the upper rubber cracked)
    3)Brake Pad Front & Back - loud braking noise & cant estimate the braking distance
    ALTHOUGH ALREADY FULL LOADED ON BRAKE PEDAL Neither on dry nor wet road.
    Very Dangerous Issue & Might Be Involve/Occur An Accident cause by the faulty brake
    pad.The lousy Workshop claimed their brake pad was Germany
    Oem & Charges Rm248-Rm268 Front Pad & Rm200-220 Rear Pad.
    Didn't noticed all about this issue.I thought it is normal since I'm not
    installing the Genuine Bmw Brake Pad.After pro mechanic found the braking system
    issue & replaced to Real Genuine Oem Germany Brake Pad.Excellent Braking Power
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  2. reedz.ridwan

    reedz.ridwan New Member

    Aug 21, 2018
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    very sory for your experience :'-( bro @Kelvinopt
    i totaly agreed with you, we have to publish and make a list for a jerk workshop in every state, hope the admin can accommodating that...
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  3. jetschin

    jetschin Club Guest

    Dec 10, 2004
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    Went to Chu Seng some years ago, overall, their service was OK then. Not to sure now that I am no more in Penang.
  4. Warsteiner

    Warsteiner Club Guest

    Jan 2, 2005
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    the man is aging, not too many good experience coming from Chu Seng workshop. That guy is planning a retirement. I don't come across good mechanic in Penang these days. Even the BMW authorised dealership has difficulty sourcing for a good technician, because most good one would rather run their own workshop or become other people's business partner. The situation is only getting worse, unless dealerships come up with a better incentive program.
  5. Bimmerlyk

    Bimmerlyk New Member

    Apr 6, 2019
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    Seems like everyone wants to be boss now. Regardless of what incentive you came up with, people would never be contented with it. The more the better, so they can lead a better life.
  6. unstopables_7

    unstopables_7 Official Member

    Jan 1, 2009
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    Got bro.. waze for Euro Motor Works .
    Look for Khairul 017-4223880..
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  7. Warsteiner

    Warsteiner Club Guest

    Jan 2, 2005
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    thanks for sharing
  8. Yammy

    Yammy New Member

    Jul 29, 2019
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    How about Aircon service in Penang?

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