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BMW E60 Auto Transmission Oil Cooler Unit

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by Herbert, Sep 14, 2016.

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    Sep 8, 2009
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    Dear All,

    Recently one forumer seeked advice on his e60 525i specifically with regards to the auto transmission system. He consulted a BMW specialist workshop regarding occasional slight jerk when slowing down. Beside been advised to replace the AFT fluid and filter, the workshop also suggested that he replace the existing auto transmission oil cooler with that of the earlier e39 or e36 auto transmission oil cooler. The rational behind this is that the e60 ATF oil cooler unit is not effective in cooling the ATF oil temperature and it also usually leaks ATF fluid into the main water cooling system thereby contaminating and/or damage the auto transmission system. Does it make sense so far?? Yes, leaks do occur due to wear and tear especially so with high pressure hoses or the cooling ducts/fins of the AFT cooler.

    Comparatively, the earlier model such as the e39 and e36 ATF oil cooler are much larger than the e60's. But as to whether the e39 & e36 are more efficient in terms of cooling the ATF oil temperature, I am unsure. Hence I would like to hear from other members their thoughts and/or comments with regards to :-

    1. Does it make sense to replace the e60 ATF cooler with the e39/e36 ATF cooler?
    2. If Yes, what are the reasons?


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