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#12836 How to be an Official Member?

Posted by gracetcp on 24 June 2008 - 08:45 AM

Dear members,

Below are the procedures and relevant details on Official membership.

Application Procedures

1) Download the application form below.

2) Complete the above application form.

3) Email your completed application form, car registration form & bank-in receipt to bmwmembership@gmail.com for processing.

The Official membership / renewal fees are:

1) Registration Fees (One Time) : RM200

2) Annual fees / renewal (valid from Jan-Dec): RM200

Please bank-in the above amount to:


MAYBANK Account No:- 5123-5230-7612

Members who sign up / renew would be entitled the following items and benefits:-

1) Starter pack worth more than RM200 consisting of:-

- Official BMW Club Membership Card
- Official BMW Club Shirt for new members
- Official BMW Club Number Plate Holder for new members
- Official BMW Club Car Sticker for new members
- other goodies to be announced by the committee

2) Member Privilege Price for participation fees for future club events

3) Unrestricted access to the BMW Club Malaysia website.


4) Unrestricted access to all OMs nationwide (around 200 pax) for networking purpose

The Committee is continuously negotiating with various parties to seek benefits for official members ie club member discounts, strategic alliances with relevant sponsors/merchants.

Please download the latest application form below:


Attached File  BMWCM Membership Application Form r1.pdf   149.35KB   143 downloads

#310460 How to be an Official Member?

Posted by gracetcp on 22 September 2008 - 07:18 AM

No, it will not be pro-rated & membership ends Dec 2008. However, the committee has submitted the amendment to ROS and are awaiting for approval for the change in the constitution. We will announce as soon as it's finalised.

#321242 How to be an Official Member?

Posted by anakin on 23 November 2008 - 04:30 PM

So if i apply after mid Dec, how much the total of fee i have to pay ? :stupid:

After mid Dec you have to pay 300-00 (150-00 for joining fee + 150-00 for membership for Jan-Dec 2009)
If you apply & pay today....you also have to pay 300-00 (150-00 for joining fee + 150 for membership for Jan-Dec 2008) yet you still have to pay 150-00 for 2009 membership on Jan next year....ok?

#706842 BMW MSport Chronograph FS

Posted by boyburhan on 15 January 2014 - 03:38 AM

Call/Text?Whatsapp 0129661100 or search in Mudah.my for my ad.


#713078 BMW MSport Chronograph FS

Posted by DanzE90 on 23 April 2014 - 03:01 AM

im willing to have it once u've decided to part with it hehe....if the price drops do ctc me bro.

#738727 FS: BOSE Lifestyle 18 Series II DVD Home Theater System

Posted by XXX on 07 December 2015 - 04:13 PM

Letting go my set as I recently upgraded, still in perfect condtion.

RM3500 with warranty thrown in, will also throw in a Sarowin

HDSW0003M1 HDMI 3x1 Swithcher + Audio (SPDIF + L/R) worth RM350.


call/sms/whatsapp/instagram 0123711803




http://www.msb.my/pr...PDIF- -L-R)/123

#738353 WTS: Mesa/Boogie .50 Caliber Plus Guitar Tube Amplifier

Posted by Fadhlan on 21 November 2015 - 11:04 AM



What we have here is a rare find. The 50 Caliber Plus made by the geniuses at Mesa Engineering, in a 112 combo package. Recently changed power and pre amp Mesa tubes and replaced the 1x12" speaker with the Mesa Black Shadow. Very versatile and simple enough to get the right tone for you in the quickest way. Sweet and juicy MESA/Boogie tone. In good condition and ready to rock!




Many months of patient, painstaking R&D were spent in developing the .50 Plus's

special, high-gain "personality". We tuned (and retuned) its preamp section to make it capable of

monstrous, fat lead tones while still offering plenty of crystal-clear headroom for rhythm. Its power section has been fitted with 6L6 tubes in a specially modified (and patented) circuit that offers fluid dynamic response with plenty of “give”. And a custom-designed vintage Celestion speaker - made exclusively for MESA/Boogie - provides a perfect blend of full-bodied clarity and warm “crunch”.




One of the .50 Caliber's greatest virtues is its incredible simplicity of operation. It's nearly impossible to come up with a bad sound or a wrong setting.


I rarely play anymore, so it's time for this bad boy to find its new partner. Sold as is and buyer pays shipping to any destination outside of KL. Cash on delivery. Priced reasonably at RM2,200.



















#30473 Official Announcement on Restrictions for Classifieds & Group Buy Section

Posted by maccasel on 02 July 2012 - 03:52 PM

Dear Official Members, Club Guests & Forummers, It have come to the Committee’s attention recently on the Classifieds and Group Buys section that there are some “buyer(s)” of a product on sale being dissatisfied with the “seller” and alleging misrepresentation of products and to an extend of cheating. These incidents were duly reported to the Committee and we view these incidents with great seriousness and do not wish for any further unscrupulous buying and selling to occur in this Forum of ours. We, the Committee have therefore decided on the following for everyone attention when in the Classifieds and Group Buys section: 1. Classifieds section1.1 Only Official Members (“OM”) are allowed to open a new thread and post an item for sale in this section.1.2 Club Guest(s) (“CG”) are NOT allowed to open a new sales thread and sell any item or products whatsoever in this section.1.3 CG can only view, post sales enquiries and / or comments and / or buy items for sale.1.4 CG may approach an OM to sell an item or a product on their behalf and the said OM will be held fully accountable and responsible for any unforeseen circumstances as if it is the OM’s own item or product that is being sold. Therefore, OMs are advised NOT to post such sale if the said OM is not familiar with the CG or the item or product itself.1.5 The general Disclaimer clauses still applies.2. Group Buys section – Guidelines2.1 Group buys are buys in which more than one person is participating in the same order to receive discounts and/or lower shipping fees.2.2 Organizer(s) of Group buy can be OM or CG or both.2.3 Organizer(s) are required to obtain the Committee’s prior approval before a Group Buy posting can be posted in the forum and the Organizer(s) are required to proved to the Committee hi/her/their full name, photocopy of NRIC, contact number and brief item / product description.2.4 All Group Buys posting on a particular item or products shall need to clearly state the following information:(1) A detailed description and photographs of item being offered.(2) Price and delivery time.(3) Payment instructions.(4) Start & End date of Group Buy.(5) Where, When and How to pickup the item.(6) Discount offered (ie how much cheaper is it than buying on one’s ownself) (7) Shipping & customs import duties & taxes (if any)2.5 The general Disclaimer clauses still applies.Thank you.maccasel

#721922 How to be an Official Member?

Posted by soulfood on 07 October 2014 - 01:47 AM

Dear Xthree,


Either 1. or 2. bro,


The rest not eligible la.

#732747 WTS: Recaro Sportster CS Semi Bucket Seats

Posted by Mavik on 27 May 2015 - 04:44 AM

Dear all,


I am letting go my Recaro Sportster CS semi bucket seats. Do let me know if you want them.


Brand new price: RM8k (not including seat rails)


Letting go price: RM4k including seat rails for BMW.


If you are interested you can contact me @ 012 - 3201095





#739867 WTS: Brand New Genuine BMW ///M Wallet & BMW i Notebook

Posted by Fadhlan on 30 January 2016 - 11:59 PM



1. BMW ///M Leather Wallet



BMW Item Number: 80 21 2 344 407


Classic wallet made of black calf leather features inlaid leather stripes in the BMW M colors. The front also features an embossed BMW M logo.


The inside has very functional subdivisions, with eight card slots, two slots for bills, a coin section and three compartments for documents.


The wallet's premium workmanship is underscored by robust leather reinforcements.


Material: 100% leather, lining: 100% polyester. Dimensions: approx. 4½" h x 3¾" w x 1" d.



Price: RM350






2. BMW i Blue/Grey Notebook


BMW Item Number: 80 23 2 352 221



The BMW i Notebook utilizes similar to the materials used in BMW i cars, the notebook is crafted from two-color recycled PET felt-like material and leather tanned with olive leaves.


Features transparent tape inside to securely hold notebook in place and provide easy insertion of replacement notebook. Detailed with BMW i logo rivet, BMW Roundel and cotton canvas label with "BMW i Born Electric" messaging.

Price: RM85


#726329 BMW Club Malaysia's Merchandise for Sale

Posted by Shahrezan on 31 December 2014 - 05:06 PM

BMW Club Malaysia's Merchandise for SALE !!  






Come in various of sizes:

Men : S, M, L, XL, XXL
Ladies : XS, S ,M, L, XL
Children: S, M ,L, XL
Baby : S (below 1 year) , M (above 1 year)

Selling price :

Official Member : RM30.00/ piece
Club Guest (non member) : RM40.00 / piece
Family package (4 T-shirts) get 10% discount

Please call our Committee in charge Alby325i Linda Buang at 019- 332 8008 to place your order.

Please bank into our club's account


Account No: 5123 5230 7612

List of order :

1. Shah - family package
2. Linda - 1 S & 1 M
3. Vix Customs - family package
4. Faizal Abu Bakar - family package
5. Fadhlan Nik Abdul Aziz
6. Zayfrul
7. Hasree

#745691 BMW Junior Seat with Isofix

Posted by Jay Bigbang on 07 November 2016 - 03:04 AM

Hi guys,


Letting go my BMW Junior Seat with Isofix function. Baby/toddler car seat.

Authentic original from BMW. Bought new from BMW Ingress Auto. 9/10

condition. Price still can nego for serious buyer. Thank you.

Phone number: 0163585336

Price: RM 1 100







#741684 WTS Fujifilm X-E1 (USED) Body Only

Posted by seech on 15 April 2016 - 04:27 AM

Item(s): WTS- Fujifilm X-E1 Silver. Body only.
Package includes: X-E1 camera body. Original battery. Original charger. Original strap and clips (unopened). Original cable (unopened). Original box (box is for a X-E1 with kit lens but selling only body).
Warranty: N/A. Unit purchased in Dec-2012.
Dealing method: COD.
Location: Klang Valley
Contact method/details: PM or WhatsApp- +6017-8883217
Item(s) conditions: Camera used but cared for. Body has some wear, please see pictures for details. Never been dropped or damaged. No issues with performance and everything works perfectly. Very low shutter count of only 3,300 frames.
Same image quality as latest X-T1, X-T10 and X-E2 with similar quality X-Trans 16MB sensor.
Reason for sale: Upgraded to X-E2

#738037 WTS: Aragon 4004 MkII Mondial Power Amplifier

Posted by Fadhlan on 10 November 2015 - 11:19 AM



This one is a beauty. The magnificent Aragon 4004 power amplifier. In good condition. At 400 watts, this bad boy can run any demanding loudspeakers there is.


Aragon has produced a remarkable power amplifier...the 4004MKII. In addition to its sophisticated state of the art circuit topology, this amplifier fully embodies our philosophy of power supply design. The 200 watt per channel 4004MKII contains two separate mono amplifiers in a single chassis. A pair of high-efficiency, heavy duty torodial power transformers whose low hum fields, relatively light weight and compact dimensions make it possible to install this amplifier on a shelf adjacent to other components. Yet, it delivers all the power possible from a standard 15 amp AC line.
Power supply circuits and transformers influence sonic qualities by their ability to cope with the demands of the single handling circuitry. The dual mono configuration of Aragon stereo power amplifiers yield consistent separation throughout the audio frequency range, affecting the ability to produce a stable image independent of any power requirements or AC line conditions. Unlike almost all other amplifiers, Aragon doubles its 8 ohm power when driving a 4 ohm load, and the continuous output power continues to increase into 2 and 1 ohm loads. Hence, the model number 4004 is based on continuous watts per channel into 4 ohms.
POWER OUPUT 8 200-watts by 2-channels
POWER OUTPUT 4 400-watts by 2-channels
THD 0.05% for 8 ohm loads
S/N RATIO 110dB A Weighted
INPUT SENSITIVITY 150 mV for 1-watt output
POWER CONSUMPTION 1500-watts max


This is a unit built in the US. Therefore this bad boy needs a Step Up/Down transformer for our 240V plugs. There is a slight buzzing sound from the left channel. Not noticeable when playing music or watching movies, only when the room is dead quiet.


Sold as is. Buyer pays for shipping. Cash on delivery in Kuala Lumpur. Brand new would be somewhere in the vicinity of RM6,500. This can be yours for RM2,200.













#738038 WTS: Lexicon DC-1 Digital Controller AV Preamplifier

Posted by Fadhlan on 10 November 2015 - 11:50 AM


Up for sale is the legendary Lexicon DC-1 AV Pre amplifier, your all in one home entertainment system with everything you need for a good home movie set up. Not many of these around anymore.

The DC-1 is the flagship digital controller from Lexicon, a long time leader in digital processing technology. It is a combination preamplifier, A/V switcher, D-to-A converter (24-bit Delta Sigma) and digital processor whose design makes it possible to come in a variety of configurations. A fully loaded DC-1 incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and THX processes.

The DC-1 continues to provide Pro Logic along with other surround processes for videotapes, TV programming and other source materials without DTS or Dolby Digital encoding. Several DSP (digital signal processing) modes are provided for adding ambience to stereo and monaural sources. All signal processing, including filters, EQ and crossovers, are performed in the digital domain.

The DC-1 also employs Lexicon's patented Logic 7 technology, which takes as low as a two-channel signal and digitally processes it to produce a discreet, multi-channel, full bandwidth surround signal. Logic 7 is included on many of the DC-1's surround parameters and can be enjoyed by listeners with as few as four loudspeakers.

Sold as is. Comes with a Lexicon remote control. Because this is American made, this baby needs a Step Up/Down transformer for our 240V plugs. The on-screen display in front of the DC-1 seems to be flickering. May need to replace/repair it. Buyer pays for shipping. Cash on delivery at Kuala Lumpur.

Brand new would be close to RM7,500. Now priced at RM1,400.




#714996 Castrol Edge Professional 5w-40

Posted by BiMmEr78 on 20 May 2014 - 10:15 PM

I have several own 1L bottles for sale. Its RM 45 each. Please PM me or contact me 0163231709 if you interested.



Jeeva aka Bimmer78

#741739 WTS Rolex Submariner 116610LN

Posted by sil15 on 18 April 2016 - 03:15 AM

Hi all,


letting go my rolex sub 116610LN,

rarely used.

still under warranty 

condition 9.5 

price 29K.


for more info or pics

pm me or call 0126063793.

no message or whataspp.



#738039 WTS: Theta Digital Pearl CD Transport

Posted by Fadhlan on 10 November 2015 - 12:28 PM


If you are going for separates, this is a good way to start. What we have here is the Theta Digital Pearl CD Transport. Connect it with a decent Digital-to-Analog converter, and you will be amazed. This particular one is in good condition and ready to rock and roll. And it sure looks nice too.

Transports were the next frontier for Theta. Transports made a real, audible difference to the absolute quality level Theta's signal processing could attain. Theta's people searched long and hard to find a CD player that would function as a truly high-quality transport to support Theta's digital signal processors. It seemed a bit of an absurd compromise to urge audiophiles to buy cheap CD players to extract digital signals, but that was the state of affairs for several years. People used whichever CD players had reasonably reliable transport sections and offered a way to pass a signal out of the digital stage. Experiments with numerous CD players showed them to be inadequate for the basic function of providing a clean jitter-free digital signal.

Pearl CD Transport was Theta's lowest cost transport ever, yet offered a lot of the proprietary technology found in earlier, more expensive units. Based on the Pioneer Stable Table, which was an extremely stable transport mechanism, it incorporated jitter reduction circuitry, and multiple high quality power supplies.

Sold as is. Buyer pays for shipping. Cash on delivery in Kuala Lumpur. Brand new would cost you around RM6,800. This one would only be RM2,200.




#735251 Fs: e30 used Hard top cover (for Cabrio) for sale: RM 8,500

Posted by alexchai on 10 August 2015 - 08:55 AM

Pls WhatsApp +6012-8557777 for more info. Cheers,