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Jun 7, 2015

In the 1968 European Touring Car Challenge a raft of privateer Porsche 911s went to war with the works BMW 2002s, which were equipped with Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection.

The BMWs made 200bhp at 7500rpm with the aid of 11:1 compression, and were equipped with large wheelarch extensions and spiderweb-patterned BBS alloys.

The Munich factory squad bagged the spoils – just. The margin of victory was half a point, Porsche having taken the final three rounds.

The winners were clearly on the back foot.

BMW made full of use of the broad-minded Group 5 regulations for the season ahead, the new strain of 2002 racer featuring a single KKK turbocharger mounted forwards and to the right of the slant-four, and fed by the Kugelfischer injection system via a mass of tubing that ran, tendril-like, over the cam cover.

Weighing less than 1900lb (862kg) and boasting four-wheel disc brakes behind 10in-wide wheels, the 2002 TiK (the ‘K’ standing for kompressor) performed brilliantly.

Sure, fuel consumption was horrific, and there was no intercooler, but gradual reductions of the compression ratio and constant reinforcement of the high-pressure fuel pump meant that it stayed together long enough to give Dieter Quester four outright victories.
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