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Want to do a pre purchase inspection for e46 330ci

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Nuvo abrid, Dec 13, 2019.

  1. Nuvo abrid

    Nuvo abrid New Member

    Dec 13, 2019
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    I'm gonna buy a 330ci e46 soon, I've done plenty of research on the issues and what to look out for. But i wanna be safe eitherways by considering a pre purchase inspection, I've only owned japanese cars and never had issues with them, since it'll be my first german car, I wanna be safe.
    Could anyone tell me how and where I could do that? I dont know how much they cost too and if it's still okay to check via some non authorized shop.
    Any help regarding buying a used e46 would be helpful too!

    (Im currently looking at 2 cars, one has been rented out to ppl few times. Should I be careful of that) ?
  2. gendong

    gendong Moderator
    Club Committee

    Feb 7, 2011
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    Look for Bluegreen, off jalan 223 pj.

    the 330ci is a beautiful sexy machine

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