rebuilding foam under leather seats (driver side) E60

Discussion in 'Interior and Cockpit' started by bimmerdude, Jan 23, 2017.

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    May 12, 2008
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    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if this has been covered. My car seat leather is sagging and loose due to old age (2003 manufactured). Brought it to a car interior shop but was told
    that the original shape is factory molded foam which is beyond what the shop can do. They can only add foam layers to firm up the seat but it wont last long (as i experienced with my other old car).
    My question is did anyone found a shop able to rebuild the original molded seat foam for our bmws? Any other alternatives?

    Thanks a lot for any help.

    bmw E60 2003
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    alternative is half cut shop, im sure other upholstery shops are able to re-foam your seat but at a premium price

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