Newbie signing in (after long delay)

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Malgrene, Mar 4, 2019.

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    Hi Everyone :)

    Glad to (finally) sign in ! I’ve been browsing the forum off-and-on since 2013, but have yet to post / sign-in ... so technically, am still a newbie :p Here’s introducing myself, and hope to be more active from here on ;)
    • What do you drive : F30 328i M-Sport (alpine white)
    • Male / Female : Male
    • Location : Ampang, KL
    • Occupation : Engineer (construction)
    • How you came about to know : via Google search
    • When was it ? : 2013
    • What were you expecting or purpose coming to ? : connecting with fellow BMW club members, gain more knowledge about BMWs in general, understand more about maintaining a BMW, etc
    Have gained tremendous amount of info (especially back in 2013) from the many threads and responses from everyone here, for which I am thankful. It led me to a F30 320D then (still regret selling it back in 2014..), then to a F30 328i M-Sport (my current drive) back in 2015 - god-willingly, will never let her go, hehe (!)

    Thanks and warms regards to all past and current Sifus & Bros :)
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    Welcome to the forum bro....... u finally came out...!! Hehehe

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