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Michelin Driving Experience Sepang 2014

Discussion in 'Motorsports & Events' started by slyder, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. slyder

    slyder Official Member

    Jul 29, 2011
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    Michelin Malaysia gave a late invite to our President Datuk Zul to join the Michelin Driving Experience Sepang 2014.
    Datuk Zul made a special request to bring guests and we were informed about it 9 pm 20th august which was the night before the event.
    Myself and VP Herbert took up the extra seats.

    The next morning we all met at the Sepang track at 07.30 am. I personally had not slept since the previous day as had work issues. This means I have not slept in 24 hours by 10 am.

    We arrived at the venue and were asked to go to the lounge area on the first floor whereby we had to fill up our registration documents.
    We were then given our various colour groups which were grouped by red, blue, green and yellow. Myself, Datuk Zul, VP Herbert were in the yellow group. we found ourselves grouped with 2 other members from Proton Malaysia management which one of them was the tyre specialist. The other member of our group was from the myvi club.

    After the briefing and the introduction to the event, we were then ushered by our lovely host Ms Elaine to the medical check up room. There the doctor checked my blood pressure and asked on my experience. He then advise if I do feel not well do let him know. We were then ushered to the changing room which we were assigned each a locker filled with our goodies. We were all each assigned a full complete FIA approved race gears custom made by Sparco manufactured with Michelin's livery in the year 2013. Which means they are still race valid. This gave us all a sense we were in for a really serious day of REAL Racing. I help to assist the rest with the suiting up of the race suits as of course our hostess could not come into the men's dressing room. My experience with go-kart and GRA gave me exposure on how to suit up properly.

    While waiting I and Datuk had a fresh glass of Green tea to help relax our BP. We were all starting to feel the excitement. Then we were ushered to the Main pit which the hanger door was closed. Inside the pits were three awesome race cars on display. The Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FL2 , and two Formula 4 race cars. One which was setup on what looks like a dyno machine setup. Chatting with my group hostess, I found out that today was part of the phase 2 of the Michelin Driving Experience Sepang 2014 which was 6 days long. The first phase was 20 days long with dealers from all over Asia were invited. The day before ours was Korea day. Our day today was combined with Indonesia. Half of our participants today were from Indonesia. Rest was from Porsche club which made up of red group. Only 1 day was from the online Michelin Driving Experience game contest.

    Our MC of the day Ms Jocelyn then announced the grand unveiling of the hanger door to a full line up of all the cars that were to be used together with the instructors. Among the instructors I feel proud that many of them are Malaysian pro drivers standing tall among the foreign drivers.

    In the line up of the cars, we were shown the Porsche, FT 86, Clio cup , Clio C2 rally and the formula 4 car. This means we are in for a day of full adrenalin rush. I hope my lack of sleep wont hinder my enjoyment.


    End of part 1
    To be continued.......................
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  2. joonsuan

    joonsuan Guest
    Club Committee

    Jul 18, 2012
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    Can't wait for part 2...argh, I had to miss this as I am out of the country!
  3. Fadhlan

    Fadhlan Official Member

    Aug 2, 2010
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    You get a chance to drive the Gallardo?
  4. rx8

    rx8 Official member

    May 4, 2010
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    Nice write up Slyder.
    Dont take too long to forward part 2
  5. Mavik

    Mavik New Member

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Mana part 2? Otherwise I will lock this thread......

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