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Discussion in '7 Series' started by exodus, May 13, 2019 at 9:20 PM.

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    Hi Ladies & Gents,

    I noticed there isn't much on the 7 series section of the group and I would love to learn more. I'm zooming in on a couple of 740li's circa 2009.

    Appreciate your kind views and advise on where the F02 owners have been servicing their cars either SC or private workshops.

    Any advise on things to check on as they are reaching 10 years. Common issues owners have faced?

    Also any recommendations on the best places for a PPI that are thorough.

    Thanks in advance.
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    740li at that time period would be on the n55 engine. Engine-wise (since we would be on the same platform), things to look out for are the HPFP pump, oil cooler gasket. and being a 7, your air suspension need to be looked at (assuming urs have it). recond units are available though. A change of the entire cooling system, fm radiator to the expansion tank to the hoses. lots of wear n tear.

    for PPI, u can always go back to the authorized service center. Yes there is a fee to be paid *hefty*. Importantly, they can pull ur exact service history and mileage. Most established workshop do provide PPI too. Need to talk to ur preferred one to arrange a session.

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