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    hello guys, I’m new here

    Just got myself a Mini F56 from Japan Recon (not a BMW, I know, but it has a similar idrive and computer system as most recent BMWs, so I’m trying my luck here)

    Went to BMW authorised dealer for a service booking, and when he checked my key.....there’s....nothing

    Mileage 00,000 km (in red)
    Central Data 20,790 km (my current mileage is 28k)

    Everything is red/overdue and requires a service too, however based on the CBS everything is fine

    Also, the CBS status for Engine Oil has been stucked at 17,000 km everytime I start my engine eventhough I have travelled ~4000 kms already since the day I got it, normal?

    I do realise that the recon people did tamper with the mileage (export cert states 10,000 km more compared to my mileage) - how do I revert it and get everything working again?

    It’s quite annoying to have a broken/tampered unit

    My current plan is to service everything again and get my peace of mind.

    Note to self - don’t do this again

    Thanks guys!

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