Getting an E39 and converting to 540i

Discussion in 'E39' started by kapcaiboi, Feb 6, 2019.

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    Greetings everyone, I'm new here! Been lurking around in this forum for too long so decided to sign up for an account.

    I am really interested in getting a BMW E39. This is my favourite car from my childhood. I've been searching and searching but the variant that I want seem to be very rare here in Malaysia. The one that I'm looking for is either a 530i / 540i.

    First up, I have to mention that money isn't an issue but that doesn't mean I'm ready to afford a car that's worth 100k or more. E39 M5 is priced above 100k. I'd rather pay lesser for a car and then splurging on restoring / upgrading it to ensure durability and performance. Kind of like "revive an old car back to it's former glory".
    My budget for the car is below RM30k and another RM30-40k for upgrades, restoration and some bits here and there.

    According to a Facebook page, "Conti JDM Auto", I could get M62 halfcut engines together with a manual transmission and transplant it into my E39. The issue is, I'm not sure if I'll get approval from Puspakom if I were to purchase a base 525i/528i (since these variants are plenty) and transplant a M62 in it. I'd like my car to get approved legally to avoid problems in the future.

    Let's just say there is no way I can get Puspakom approval, which variant would you guys recommend me? I am looking to own at least a 300hp E39, and I don't mind adding a supercharger to it, tuning, intake & exhaust etc..

    Last but not least, are there any E39 owners here that have performed the M62 transplant into their E39's? How did it go and do you regret the switch? Would you rather have your original engines back?

    Also, i'm not sure if this feature is available for BMW cars sold in Malaysia, but which variant of the E39 has a sunroof?

    Thank you for your input everyone!
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    Hello bro,

    I have an E39 and have converted to a V8 engine.

    If you really want to convert, forget getting a 30k car. Buy a really cheap 10-12k car and go from there.

    Full ckd (full car) V8 conversion will cost around 20-25k, maybe 30k if you want manual transmission with msport exterior and interior parts.

    There are no problems registering a V8 conversion in E39 as the V8 engine originally comes from an E39 too, so it is proven that the chassis can take the extra load. The 25-30% increase in displacement as Japan/Proton cars conversion does not apply here.

    If you want an easier job, buy a car thats already have sunroof. If it doesnt have it, you can still retrofit. I've done this too.

    If power is your main concern, forget the 530i admd do the 540i conversion. 530i have 231hp, maybe will get 330hp with a supercharger. Stock 540i V8 will get you 286hp before anything is done to it.

    My original car is a 2003 530i, and I've converted to a 4.8L Alpina B10 V8S engine, giving me 375hp and 510nm torque. Its quite an increase from the original 231hp 530i.

    Lastly, sometimes there are readily converted 540i for sale. They go for around 35k normally.

    Welcome to BMWCM, enjoy your stay!
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