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Chu Seng / Ignition Auto P.Ramlee Penang

Discussion in 'E46' started by Kelvinopt, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Mar 28, 2017
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    Hi mates,
    Hope to share my bad experience on this CHU SENG AUTO REPAIR/IGNITION AUTO located at Penang P.Ramlee Road.Being CONNED Rm5000 so-called OVERHAUL AUTO TRANSMISSION GEARBOX.The boss(aka SENG)told me he can overhaul & rebuilt my gearbox.After a week,very excited waiting for the so-called overhaul & rebuilt.
    Drove out from the shop in few days,the issue warning sign pop out & trap on LIMP MODE.
    WENT back to the workshop ask to settle but DENIED to claim or warranty at all.Since already paid,nothing I can do.Feeling been tricked/conned.
    The workshop said bring back i settle for you but need to CHARGE again.So I PRETEND to paid.What to do since already jammed.
    This time the boss offer me(tricked me)changing all internal clutch Rm2800.Offer me won't charged labour since
    He said took me already the Rm5000.After replaced so-called clutch,the boss make phone call to me SAID installed clutch still can't solved the issue on my gearbox.Then he Replaced a lousy gearbox taken from one of the customer who didnt settle his bills.Asking Rm4200 again.The lousy gearbox
    Got very bad whining sounds & bad jerking.Told the workshop,he said is normal.WTF.
    This time I don't want to be a water fish again.Is time for me to settle my
    previous payment.i told him won't paid on this damn suck gearbox and seem the previous
    Payment already been conned.
    As usual I sent my car for serviced.The workshop start to tricked me again.
    I bought a new radiator from this Worshop.After installed a couple days,my car start had
    issue.Engine jerking & breakdown few times.Went back to the workshop,he said nothing,
    Plug on diagnostic,no fault code.But I knew this shop already doing something on my car.
    Eventually I look for a new workshop.The SUCKED WORKSHOP(Chu seng/Igition auto at P.Ramlee)
    Used the radiator option(for manual-short plastic,for auto-long plastic)somewhere at corner bottom part
    there is a small plastic gadgets either to allow or stop water coolant flowing into the TRANSMISSION OIL COOLER.THE SUCKED WORKSHOP use this option to stop water coolant.At the end,the gearbox
    almost dead in 1 months without OIL COOLER
    Finally the new shop settle everything and my car get back to normal.
    Hope you guys careful if you send your lovely car to this conned shop at P.Ramlee Road.
    Please don't become a water fish swim into this CHU SENG/IGNTION AUTO AT P.RAMLEE.
    Anyway,this was my bad experience workshop ever.
    The boss look very friendly and helpful.Always said wait till the parts spoiled then only change.
    Save money........But I experienced his another bad job behind me.
    One more funny slogan from the boss:NOW IS NOT TALKING ABOUT MONEY,HE WANT TO SETTLE THE ISSUE.WTF!!!
    I kept guessing the lousy boss(aka SENG)FOLLOWING slogan of the NOW IS NOT TALKING ABOUT MONEY.I told the boss I won't paid anymore since I did paid upfront Rm5000.The boss
    immediately respond to me NO MONEY NO TALK.Don't want settle & still wanna kept CONNED.
    1 step:E46 repaired Rm5000-issue back between one week.
    2 step:Need to paid another Rm2800 change new clutches.
    3 step:Need Rm4200 change the whole gearbox.
    LUCKILY STEP 2&3 I didn't paid since I know this conned shop tricked me and treat me like water fish.
    Hope you all keep passing the msg around.
    We don't want being conned.We don't want be this lousy workshop water fish.
    I might said this was not the first time seem this lousy shop tricked people In a unnoticed way.
    Very hard to find out the answer.Im lucky.Found a very experienced pro mechanic by checking one by one lousy workshop had done.Im very happy I knew all the answer and I hope to share.
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