Break pads warrenty

Discussion in '3 Series' started by leeky, Sep 6, 2019.

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    My five years warranty until end of this year. Last moth when i service my car, SA refuse to change my car break pads, as my BSRI cover front and rear break pads, disc and sensor.

    The reason from them is break pads under usage, the "computer" show not reach the lifespan.

    This morning when i start my car, the due mileage 9000 KM, afternoon show 8000 km, 1:25pm when i start again my car become 3600 KM, after drive 20min become 2800 KM.

    I wonder how accurate is the "computer" sensor, feel like can be suddenly drop to time for change. How should i force them to change before warranty 2019-09-06 13.23.39.jpg 2019-09-06 13.39.30.jpg end since the sensor is not accurate.

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