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    Hi all,

    First of all, I am new to all this BMW thing. I have never bought any car in my life and if I buy this one (BMW hehe), it will be my first car (and my first luxury car). Currently i'm running a decent business, so cash flow is everything to me.

    So, few weeks ago, I was looking to get a BMW (or Mercedes) but I am still confuse to get the best loan solution for my new car. The straight line method obviously not in my list of option since i'm not planning to keep my car forever. I am planning to change it every 3-4 years.

    The other two methods; ballon financing and Easy drive?, seems to offer a good deal with lower monthly payment and good interest rate. I also heard there is a corporate program for company. I really want to know more about it since i'm planning to buy using my sdn bhd.

    So between these two, which one is the best. I can go for 10-20% deposit every month though.

    Just fyi, I am looking at to get either the 330e M sport, 530e M sport, X4 or X5 Hybrid (all the hybrid models really attracts me as they got huge gov tax incentive, but the X4 is just wow!).

    Please share your advice on this thanks!
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    i can't comment much on the financing options however i think you better do your research on the hybrid cars.

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