525i vs 325i : reliability

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Yusuf Abdullah, May 6, 2019.

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    May 5, 2019
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    i am a new member here. I am planning to buy an used BMW. I have selected 3 options.
    1. 2011 323i or 325i E90
    2. 2009/2010/2011 525i E60

    Which one would be more reliable and less prone to engine, transmission or other major parts failure ? As they are already a 8 or 9 year old car. I will keep this car for 5 to 6 year with me.
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    Based on the year of make u r looking at, both cars should be on the N53 engine, which is quite reliable. U still see these cars running around daily. Suggest u to get the latest year (2011). transmission should not be an issue if it was taken care of properly. there WILL be wear & tear parts that needs changing. check for visible signs of engine oil leakages. Again, 3series vs 5series. Depends on ur requirement and usage. for space, its the 5 (a lil bit more only). a town car, surely a 3.

    For 2011 production, The 323 engine is a on a 2.5l block, compared to the 325, which is on a 3.0l block (might need some correction here). Not sure if the roadtax would differ tho.

    Being an 8/9 year old car, suggest u to:
    1. get a full record of the service fm seller. it will be easier if it was from an individual. this will help u to decide what need to be done to the car once u own it
    2. change all fluids - engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, brake oil
    3. since its already at the mech for item 2, jack the car up to check for leakages fm below.
    4. rule of thumb, set aside approx 20% of ur purchase price for repairs in the first 3/6 mths of ownership.

    good luck in ur search bro!

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    Hi gendong ,
    I’m plan to buy 325i LCI 2010 local spec Autobavaria , the car mileage is 173k .
    The car selling very cheap RM45,000 ,

    I’m was used same model bought New 2010 to 2013, then sold .

    Now I’m plan to get to my son ,
    Pls advice .

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