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Discussion in 'BMW Talk' started by sweetpotato, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Hi all sifus!

    Im 29 years of age and recently got married. I'm looking at 2nd hand BMW cars and find it weird that the 5 series can be bought with less than RM150k (i.e 520i 2013 model or 520d for RM125k for a 2013 model).

    While I guess the price drop because of the new model? But is there anything I need to know before I venture into a 5 series? Some frends says it's like an "old man" car but I don't mind the look of it.

    On another hand, while I look at 3 series, it's smaller of course and it cost approx 130K (i.e for 328i 2013 model or 320i for 2015 model).

    This car is to be bought and shared with my wife and she dont mind either 5 series or 3 series either.

    Question is which one will hurt more on my wallet and which 5 or 3 series I should avoid?

    I have browsed through some of the postings but don't seem to find this comparison (5 vs 3) - but do correct me if I'm wrong.

    We prefer a car which is more all rounder, comfortable to sit and drive hence we consider the 5 series. Also read up that the G20 is launching somewhere end this year which may further hurt the car value if I get the 3 series instead.

    As for 5 series, I dont intend to go for 528 which comes with 3.0 - road tax too expensive).

    Hope some sifu's can assist.
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    520d F10 for the win!
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    First and foremost, congrats on u being married bro. Enjoy married life and u can treat the bimmer as an ‘affair’..... hehehehe

    Yes prices of cars has dropped tremendously; due to the release of new models, ppl upgrading, over supply of used cars thus causing dealers pricing the cars lower..... u can say its a buyers’ market now if u hv cash, but finance institutions r pretty strict with loan approvals.

    Wld assume ur looking at a 5er (F10) vs a 3er (F30). Price range u stated wld put u in the early model bracket for both models. Means an approx 5 year old car. Mileage wld b nothwards of 80k km. With a 5 year old car, lots of preventive maintenance (can check the respective threads) need to be performed, unless u bought it off an OCD owner who really really takes good care of the car. Rule of thumb, hv at least 10-20% to fix the car up.

    “Which one that would hurt ur wallet more?” Question......... hard to say actually. If car is problematic, be it a 3er or a 5er.... it’ll hit u like a brick wall. Depends on luck. So find the right one. Take ur time.

    A 3 or a 5? Totally depend on ur style. 3 is more nimble, compact (compared to the 5) while the 5 is more of a cruiser, more stable n spacious. Some might consider a 6 potter instead of a 4 cylinder. The inline 6 configuration is a signature/preferred for bimmer fans.

    528i do come in 4cyl i.e. 2.0, but they are from 2012 onwards. Heck with the price range ur looking at, u can even get a 535i!

    All the best in ur search bro.
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    Hi sweetpotato..i am 19 yrs ur senior but my heart will always be with 3 series:D, yes 3 series is more nimble and agile, personally if u love driving and speeding...3 series is more fun, while 5 series is more comfortable and suitable for mid size family
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    Hi Sweetpotato,

    So what car did you choose?

    Both 5s and 3s have their specials...
    Having driven both, at this present i prefer 3s for its driving agility and power (power to weight ratio). It’s nimble and fun to drive.
    5s ride is smoother, quiter and a top notch cruiser. It’s more comfort too. The passenger would love the ride and you would too.

    Maybe one day i will be back on the 5s...
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