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  • Are you getting it from Lim Tayar at TTDI ? Wondering how much it cost for 235/35/19 and 265/30/19


    • No, I don't use Lim Tayar. It doesn't matter where you get them from, just use the shop that you're comfortable with in terms of their mounting expertise and pricing. None of them will carry sizes like 235/35/19 and 265/30/19 anyway! It's also better to get them ordered in fresh from the distributor, and even the distributor may not have stock at the moment. As usually happens with Pirelli...

      For the PS2 set, I specified: Made in France and no older than 2610, otherwise send them back, I dowan.


      • Originally posted by Schwepps View Post
        Actually bro, none of the tire shops will carry RFT stocks, especially in the sizes that you want. The volume is just too small, and any stock they have may be old anyway. So what I do is ask my fav shop to order them in from the distributor, and insist that they must be newer than a certain date or I don't want them.

        PS2s are still Michelin's top summer performance tire, so I'm glad the PS2 ZPs are reasonably priced and meet my expectations. The handling beats 2G RE050s by a big margin, especially in the wet.
        Yeah I was a bit desperate because I was actually sliding in the wet on my semi slick RE050 rear tires, fun but not very safe. RFTs available are usually Bridgestones and Continental, I've tried non-RFT Continentals before and wanted to go for Michelin since they've been highly rated. My first set of PS2.

        How long do you wait to get a set from the distributors? Can any tire shop order?


        • We're going way too far OT in this thread guys!

          Bridgestones you can usually get in by the next day. Michelin depends, if they have stock, can get in by next day. Pirelli, usually no stock of RFTs and so a long wait for the next shipment.

          I would think that any of the bigger shops can indent from the respective distributors. And you wouldn't want a small, one-jack shop to fit RFTs for you - might screw up both wheels and tires.


          • Sorry ah guys also contributing to this off topic thingy... ha ha ha

            I just want to mentioned that while talking to the Ah Tau of MPS Auto (the tire shop in Sunway), he did mentioned he purposely ordered these 2 blue machines just to fit Run Flat Tires. Just for your info only. Since I just have my RFT patched for punctured recently and I went there. Service is good and professional.

            Cost wise.. i don't want to discuss cos as Schwepps mentioned... go to the tire shop which you trust and feel more comfortable with and this is the one so far for me. And they sell Michelin too. But their Michelin RFT have to order la since I don't believe they keep ready stocks.

            On my next tires change... i'm still pondering whether to continue on with RFT or non-RFT. But I will give Michelin a try just to experience whether which is better... Bridgestone or Mich...


            • Originally posted by Schwepps View Post
              For the PS2 set, I specified: Made in France and no older than 2610, otherwise send them back, I dowan.
              Schwepps, the best tires are those that are at least 9-12 months old. This was relayed to me by two technical managers of differing brands. The reason is the chemical compounds used in manufacturing need time to be completely cured and then only it can performed as it was designed to be.
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